01 . Purchasing and Inventory (PI) System

Manage your stocks, suppliers, purchases and orders in one system. Get reports instantaneously to increase efficiency. Tracking usage and purchases has never been simpler.

02 . Point of Sale (POS) System

POS System can be to reduce labour costs and waiting time while improving customer turnover rate. Have centralized control over our business now! Our POS System is also compatible with our QR Ordering system, making it a perfect for efficiency.


03 . Equipment Management System (EMS)

Track and manage your kitchen equipment all online. No more faultyequipment shocks in the morning of the operations. Get notified early and save precious raw materials, time and money.

04 . QR Ordering System

Skip the “q” with qBayar. With QR code ordering system that’s linked to your POS system, customers get to view the menu, place an order and pay all under 2 minutes without the assistance of any staff! Efficiency, up! Sales, up! Order accuracy, up! Table turnover rate, up! Simple, quick and easy.


05 . Self Service Kiosk

Self Service Kiosks are proven to be able to serve more customers quickly and more conveniently, and to give you increased profits alongside with quicker service.